Avongate can help with your bureau services such as Data Capture, Merge Purge and MPS Cleaning Please call us on 01689 890 600 to discuss your individual project requirements

Other than managing and brokering lists, Avongate are delighted to offer you cost effective, state of the art bureau services. We can maintain, improve and analyse your databases, making them work most efficiently for you.

GENUS© – Improve your ROI

Data management enters a new dimension with the provision of Genus©, an on-line data management, profiling and segmentation tool. Genus© allows non I.T literate users to access their data resources and perform their own data analysis.

By enabling its users to create highly targeted lists that accurately reflect the needs and interests of the campaign recipients. Genus© positions itself as the obvious vehicle to deliver higher conversion rates, which translates into improved campaign ROI.

For more information on how Genus© can help you, contact Lindsay on [email protected] or call +44 (0)1689 890 600

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