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Great UK Survey (Email)
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Count Last Updated: July 2009

This list is exclusive to Avongate
The Great UK Survey build their database using CPA deals with leading email data providers. Their data base contains demographic and lifestyle data as well as purchasing intentions for UK consumers.

The Great UK Survey can provide you with the following use of their data:

  • CPM = Cost per thousand
    You want to send an email to a targeted Audience? We ask our members 50 profiling questions and select the most relevant contacts in our database.
  • CPC/CPL/CPA = Cost per click / Cost per lead / Cost per action
    We agree on a rate per lead, you supply a 120x60 or 125*125 button and 30 words description. The better the offer performs, the more we will promote it, including email support.
  • Co-registration
    Add a question to our survey and grow your prospect pool quickly and effectively. Every week, we will either send you a file with all the contacts who have answered your question or send through the leads direct to a server via the use of a live link. You will be sent the postal addresses and/or email address and/or telephone number depending on what you need and what has been agreed. The co-registration gives you the opportunity to grow a targeted prospect file and to communicate with them the way you prefer.
59% of the list are women, 41% men.

The majority are aged 23-60 years.

62% of the members are married.

68% earn between £10,000 to £50,000.

Example 1: Planning a holiday, 64,150

Example 2: Do you currently have a home loan? = 23,645

Give us a call for any specific count

Cancellation Policy:

  • Contracts cancelled 48 hours prior to send date are charged at 25% of the contract value.
  • Contracts cancelled within 48 hours of send date are charged at 50% of the contract value.
  • Alternatively the contract amount can be paid in full and the value held as a credit for 90 days to be used by client and/or agency as required.
This file is perfect for clients who need highly profiled and targeted data. The database is broken down in 6 sections:
-About you
-Spending it
-Saving it
-At work
-At home
-Health & Well-being

All orders are subject to terms and conditions, which are available on request

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Other Selections Available:

15% Commission available to DMA Brokers.

Minimum Order 5000

Lists are supplied on a 'single use' only basis, unless otherwise arranged.

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