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Sports Fan Base (Email)
1 million +
At a glance

  • Supporters split by teams available
  • Co-reg, CPA and CPC campaign options available
  • Majority aged 18 – 44 years.

    Count Last Updated: October 2009

  • Background
    The Sports Fan Base is a list of supporters for a number of sports, which also includes in-depth lifestyle and demographic profiling information. Having exclusive partnerships with major UK sports associations, namely The PFA and The PCA and many others, Sports Fan Base can select fans from many sports including: Football, Cricket and Rugby. The lifestyle and demographic profiling information available offers the opportunity to select people by income, age group, geographical location as well as team supported and sporting interests and more.
  • Supporters split by teams available.
  • 88% of the list are males
  • Majority aged 18 – 44 years. Older age groups available.
  • Co-reg, CPA and CPC campaign options available
  • Recommendations
    Lifestyle and demographic profiling availability makes this is a file that ideal for targeting males with a variety of campaigns.

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