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50 Connect (e-mail)
45658 0-12 mths
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  • 53% males
  • ABC1s with average income of £35K+
  • All opted-in data

Count Last Updated: April 2013

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50 Connect is a leading Internet portal for today’s over 50s. It features a large choice of channels and links that are of interest to the mature Internet surfer. Some of the topics included are finance, health, home & garden, shopping, relationships, competitions and many others. Today’s 50s and over enjoy higher levels of disposable income, live a more healthy and active life and exert greater levels of influence and power.
53% are male and 47% female, are ABC1 and have an average income of £35K+.

The data on this list is all opt-in and collected via free registration to the website.

1 in 10 are recommended to 50 connect by friends.

Specific counts: Finance - 75,964; Health & Beauty - 102,222; Travel - 88,711; Cruise - 33,067; Charity - 50,951

This list is recommended for targeting a large number of interests. These include: Travel, Food & Drink, Finance, Health & Beauty, Shopping offers and others.

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