Traveller Magazine - The NEW Inserts Opportunity

04 May 2007
Traveller is a NEW catalogue insert opportunity that is now available from Avongate
Traveller Magazine has an unrivalled reputation for quality travel writing and superb photography, giving its readers an educated view of the world and the travel opportunities it offers. 

75% of the readership are males, 25% females and primarily aged 45 years +.

59 % have a personal income in excess of £60,000 per annum.

The 30,000 subscribers spend £120 million on travel each year!

This programme mails 4 times annually to 25,000 readers. The next mailing will be in June.

Click HERE for a full data card.  For further information, please EMAIL us with your query.  Thank you.

Making Waves with the National Boat Show file!

27 February 2007

Avongate are the Exclusive Managers for the prestigious National Boat Shows attendees file.

The London and Southampton Boat shows are world famous events offering visitors a tantalising insight into the world of boats and yachts. 
The crafts are worth anything up to and over the million pound price tag.  These shows attract the financially affluent and further selections are available through CAMEO profiling

  • 16,419 (06 attendees) / 6,389 NEW 2007 London Boat Show attendees
  • 68% males, average age is 40 years.
  • 85% ABC1 with household incomes of £50K - £57K per annum.

Click here for the full data card

Contact us for further information.

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Traveller Magazine - The NEW Inserts Opportunity
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